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Beechgrove is back on Thursday July 25th!

Here are some of the highlights of the first programme. 

Life really is a bowl of cherries at Beechgrove. George reviews progress in the fruit house while Carole properly appreciates the crop of ‘Sweetheart’ cherries.
Brian reviews his no-mow lawn and counts the extra wildlife thriving there.
Carole and Brian continue to compare greenhouse to polytunnel and taste test the first crop of cucumbers. 
Fresh from Gold medal winning at Chelsea Flower Show, Chris Beardshaw is back at Beechgrove to smell and tend the roses.
Kirsty Wilson visits a young plant enthusiast in Limekilns. David Durie has amassed a collection of the weird and wonderful Carnivorous plants.  Kirsty gleans the secrets of success with these pretty ugly on trend plants.
Carole visits Trish Winton’s inspirational garden of many rooms in Montrose.  Beechgrove is Back!

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